Pastor Anna Neal
Good morning, Beloved!

The Church of the Scattered Flock has been called upon to facilitate the planting of 3 christian churches in India. Apparently, the daily word blog has been impactful around the world. Praise God!

I have been praying about this and believe it is a manifestation of the Great Commission upon our ministry. Therefore, I have been instructed to begin forming a team of Training Delegates to assist. As this team is formed and becomes trained in Indian law, and protocol, I will begin sowing the basics into the churches from here.

I have been instructed to assemble the following personnel:

2 Discipleship Trainers
1 Deacon/Missionary Trainer
1 Youth Leader Trainer
2 Administration Trainers
1 Photo/Video Journalist, and

Fund raising committee, and support network to remain in the states.

If you are moved by the Spirit of God to make your talents and gifts available for this ministry, please inbox me. Pray and seek the face of GOD, then get PERMISSION from your Pastor.


Pastor Anna
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