PLEASE HELP SPREAD GOOD MUSIC!! SHARE with your friends !!!! I would like to give thanks to everyone who contributed a verse for the I AM the Movement Mixtape. Thank you Redeem, Overcome, A.D., Dana, Lyal Cross, Truth Soldiers, New Media, Ro'eh, Ghost Writta, Da Priest, Brian Cade, Veronica Solorio, Prophet X, and DJ-G-Bless for Hosting this Mixtape. My vision is to work with each and one of you again for the next I AM the Movement Mixtape Vol. 2. I wanna continue to bless others with more Free downloads in the future, so y’all be ready!!!


HERES THE LINK TO THE "I AM the Movement" mixtape.... FREE DOWNLOAD Y'ALL✧exclusive-listen-download✧-i-am-the-mov ement-mixtape-v1-hosted-by-dj-g-bless-deejaygbless-sami xtapes/