HOLY JAMZ wrote on November 25, 2011.
The enemy is definitely grabbing our gospel artists! And by using fame and fortune to grab them.

Rising star Mali Music (Kortney Jamaal Pollard) is gaining national attention since being featured on the BET Awards during the "Music Matters" showcase. He even got scooped up by international star, Akon, and signed to his "KonLive" management company. But before we celebrate Mali's ascent to stardom as an opportunity for the gospel to be taken to the masses, we have to take a look at what the singer/songwriter is saying.

"I do believe that my music is bigger than gospel," says Mali, reports BET. “I’ll never deny the core of it, but that was just the platform that was available in the time frame that I came out, but I do believe that a new platform and a new genre is being created and built as we speak. I do believe that it's bigger than gospel but, for now, I’m okay with it being under gospel and inspirational category.”

What does he mean gospel "was just the platform that was available in the time frame that I came out?"

And what new genre is he talking about, you ask?

EEW Magazine editors have no idea, but we must ask, how come gospel is considered not enough these days? Why must so many artists start switching up when it comes to getting a bigger platform? Is the message of Jesus Christ and the cross somehow irrelevant to today's generation?

By the way, Mali Music also landed himself a guest feature on a song called “New Life” off Akon’s upcoming album.

HOLY JAMZ gives this a big thumbs down. We know exactly what kind of music Mr. Akon does and Akon's number one biggest artist is Lady Gaga and let's just say, it ain't got nothin' do with Jesus and it falls in the "enemy's" category.

But what are your thoughts about this collaboration?

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