HOLY JAMZ wrote on July 19, 2013.
Target: Child murderers! Laws that make murder okay! Politicians who draft and support those laws!
Sponsored by: Pastor Anna Neal
Please support the Mother's March on Washington DC. It is tentatively scheduled to take place in October, 2013. We will gather as many from around the world as will come to make a stand against Murder of Children, and the laws and politicians that support them. We will stand at the foot of the MLK Monument, and let the nation hear the weeping, wailing, anger, sadness, and determination of mothers throughout this nation who are FED UP, and want a realistic means to the end of the senseless murder of our children with impunity!!!

This is a grassroots effort, and must garner your support! Tell us by your signature that you support the effort. These numbers will be used to help generate financial support to defray costs to the citizens who wish to be present to have their voice heard.

Please Help Us, help ourselves!


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