HOLY JAMZ wrote on June 4, 2016.
Hello Family, if you haven't logged into Holy Jamz yet, you got to! We changed our look! Fresher, cleaner and brighter! We are still looking into other changes so please bare with us.

We have been also having video issues with inputting You Tube video links, we have been looking into this matter and doing our best to find the problem though the task has not been easy, we are not sure if it is within the Holy Jamz site or a You Tube issue. However we will still continue working on this matter until resolved.

Other than that we are looking good. Artists upload your albums and get your music out! Post your blogs and news stories, let everyone know what is up and coming. We understand that Facebook is the new addiction, I myself live on Facebook however Holy Jamz site is another avenue to promote yourself without all the drama and most importantly we are focused on Christ. We want Holy Jamz site to continue as a social network allowing the user to have full control of their promotional and ministry needs.
We want to continue to build God's Kingdom and save souls, network and connect in Unity 4 Christ.

Stay Blessed,
Holy Jamz Family
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