HOLY JAMZ wrote on August 18, 2017.
A new season of worship!!!

It's a new season in 2018! God has really been dealing with me on a new direction for Holy Jamz. With the way that Gospel music has really changed over the last few years and has lost it's way becoming more and more worldly, there appears to more now then ever to get back to the worship, to the heart of what we began with music ministry, with serving and worshiping our savior through worship and music so we can touch the lives of those who are in need of hearing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. To get back to the outreach of it, to get away from the entertainment and back to the worship. Gospel music ministry has got so far away from Christ it has lost it's way and we must bring back the reason why we began our music ministries to begin with. It is not a stage for entertainment but an altar to save a soul after hearing the testimony or words spoken in the song. It is an altar to give God all our Praise and Worship for all he has done in our lives. We must get back to that and Hoy Jamz wants to offer that platform for this artists who are serious about getting back to the Worship in their music, back to the purpose of their ministry and calling. It is not about money, its about Kingdom. Holy Jamz takes God's Kingdom serious and we stand on every word written in God's Holy word. We are obedient to what he has called us to do, so will you join us and building up his Kingdom, reaching, teaching and touching loves through music and his word?

-Mrs Cindy Schwartz-Jones
Holy Jamz
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