#1 December 16, 9:59 pm
Would That

Would that every word we write
Be born of God’s pure Holy light
To open up a heart in need
Of what our words were sent to feed

Would that when our work is read
By minds who need to be well fed
They will be amply satisfied
By what our thoughts have amplified

And should our words reach far and wide
To find their mark where liars hide
Like arrows launched by God Himself
Into the very heart of hell

Would that every arrow flies
And hits the bull between the eyes
To sink deep in and tear apart
The ignorance within each heart

Would that all who read this poem
Can say its prayerful words hit home
Whether in agreements sighed
Or suffered unto damaged pride

Would that those who find long last
What they have searched for since their past
When one day they got realized
Through God’s pure love reemphasized

Would that they be energized
That wisdom may be super-sized
To see through God’s pure Holy eyes
What truths He can initialize
HOLY JAMZ Christian Kingdom
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