Our Sister Site focused on seasoned ready artists who are at a higher level in music ministry! HOLY JAMZ ENTERTAINMENT!

the BEST ministry Events, Gospel Concerts and Outreaches are coordinated with the BEST of the Blessed! Holy Jamz is committed in serving the community with seriously committed individuals in ministry.

Holy Jamz Entertainment is a sister site to our Holy Jamz Kingdom Social Network where we serve and provide ONLY the best selected seasoned Gospel Indie Artists and Speakers for booking for venues, conferences, workshops and events. Here is where you can also see the latest Holy Jamz events!

We have some awesome anointed artists and speakers who are committed in serving God's Kingdom and give their all to their performances and their work in ministry. Visit our "Artists" or "Speakers" page and see the artists and speakers we have available for booking!

What Holy Jamz Entertainment is About:
Looking for a Seasoned & Committed Gospel Artists or Anointed Speaker for your next Church event or Venue?

Holy Jamz Entertainment books seasoned Gospel artists and Anointed Speakers for your event or venue. This site specializes in only those who are committed, seasoned and serious about their commitment to their music, ministry and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through their music.
If your looking for Anointed and Great Artists and Speakers for your venue Holy Jamz is the place to come to!

If your interested in booking any one of the artists seen on our website email Holy Jamz at holyjamz.us@gmail.com with the all the venue details and we will send you the artist(s) booking rider contract.

Venue details needed:
- Venue Size
- Seating Capacity
- Artist set length (Set must be at least 30 minutes or more to book any artists through Holy Jamz Entertainment).
- Venue Location
- Venue Budget
- Traveling Accommodations (Lodging, Air fair, ect - depending on location)


->Artists who wish to be booked by Holy Jamz Entertainment MUST be a registered member on Holy Jamz Social Network at www.holyjamz.us in order to be added to our Booking Site and have top quality music/material and MUST be a SEASONED artist main stage ready and seriously committed and submitted to their vision, purpose & music ministry as well as be available and open for a booked venue.

Music Artists must also be registered with ASCAP and BMI as well for radio submissions.
*This is a requirement in order to be booked by Holy Jamz Entertainment and Required to be added to Holy Jamz Entertainment Website.

*Holy Jamz is a Official Member of the Gospel Music Association.