This E-Book is about God Given Insight & God Given Advice to inspire from Real Life Experiences through out my experience and my work in ministry. It is a compilation of my past writings and notes combined to assist others in Christian growth. Love and Knowledge is the Key.


I had spent a great amount of time isolated with God while being in a place I was trapped in, a city I didn’t belong in. God had me focusing solely on him, listening to his voice and spending a lot of time writing. After being already in ministry for a very long time I have been there, done that, seen that, experienced that and God finally sat me down in one place and told me till I get you back home where you need to be he had me place all my thoughts down in writing, he was teaching me. With all my many experiences, taking thousands of sermon notes that I had saved and all while God was teaching me valuable lessons. There will come a time in your life when God will let you hit rock bottom, a time where he will put you in a place where you will be able to focus only on him. God had brought many people in and out of my life that I had learned lessons from, some good and bad but I will say all of them have been great learning experiences. In the end God reveals all truth to you, you just have to be open to hear that truth, see that truth otherwise you will miss the lesson. Trust me I have many times till finally it sunk in. This entire book is a compilation of all my past writings that God had given me, experiences, notes, lessons and inspiration. Even today I am still in learning mode, we are always in learning mode with God on a daily basis, that never ends, he is always teaching us. My prayer is that others who read this will be inspired and will always inquire to want to be more inspired. Love each other as Christ loves us and always seek biblical knowledge according to God and his word and most importantly listen to God’s voice and follow his guidance. Your inspiration awaits through Christ Love.

THIS IS A MUST READ BOOK! It will definitely give you Insight and It will Most Definitely Inspire you to Inquire!

By Amy Cassels .
This book is amazing! And the woman behind the book is even more amazing.. I strongly encourage you to grab her book. Profits from the book goes to her ministry. Need to be inspired? Grab this book and you'll see what I mean. You won't be disappointed! God is so good. All the time..


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"Inspire To Inquire" By Cindy Schwartz
"Inspire To Inquire" By Cindy Schwartz
"Inspire To Inquire" By Cindy Schwartz
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