Holy Jamz Ministry a non profit was birthed from the Lord himself and the vision and assignment given to Cindy Schwartz Jones to fulfill the task back in 2006 where it all began in Fresno California. Holy Jamz quickly became a platform and the gatekeeper for artists and the venue to connect throughout California. Booking many artists with many churches for outreaches, concerts and local events, Holy Jamz then began to grow further into other areas expanding into an online social media marketing platform by 2011 giving independent artists a platform to promote and market their music as well as make connections. Since then Holy Jamz has also birthed two other ministries under its umbrella, in 2008 it started the annual community event Unity 4 Christ and in 2012 it’s Healing and Deliverance ministry and conference Broken 2 B Healed in which both have grown tremendously and are now separate entities.

For over 10 years Holy Jamz has made so many accomplishments from booking and connecting artists for small church events, block parties, outreaches, local events and from the small stages to the big stages.  Coordinating outreaches, concerts and community events to reach out to the city. Now God is moving Holy Jamz even further into a new season in advancing the Kingdom. Holy Jamz main goal and sole purpose is to serve Christ and to see people be delivered. Holy Jamz is passionate about Worship and Spiritual growth and encourage that through out it’s ministry. Developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is extremely important, as well as repentance, healing and deliverance. Ministry has many forms, servant hood can be in many forms, and whether it is through music of any genre, through sermons, speaking, bible studies, through blog post, testimonies or videos and fellowship we all have a purpose and a goal through our God given gifts.

Holy Jamz is a place for everyone to come together in unity to bring together their God Given gifts for the same common purpose, Holy Jamz is not just for music or for artists but for all forms of ministry. Everyone has a different gift, and it has a great purpose in God’s Kingdom. If you’re a Pastor,  Minister or Church Leader Holy Jamz is here for you as well, if you’re a servant of Christ Holy Jamz is here for you, no matter who you are you are a child of God and we are here for you. We want to be able to come together in unity as one body, bringing together Kingdom connections, and fellow-shipping amongst one another to encourage and uplift the body of Christ and touch those lives that are in need of a Savior.  

Holy Jamz welcomes you to the Family of Christ; we are Your Kingdom Connection in Unity 4 Christ.