AMEZ777 A Everyday Warrior

AMEZ aka R.D.AMEZ was Born In Fresno California June 11th 1980 Raised in the heart of California, AMEZ emerged on the scene at age 8 singing R&B & Soul , he joined a Choir at the age of 12 and sang solo’s for many years and it was broadcasted on live television by local new stations. Between 1992-1993 when he became a young man his voice grew deep so he was forced to resign from singing so he didn’t want to be labeled as another Barry White. He got into the artistry of battling and rapping in middle school-high school mastering in free styling before writing raps and was offered a record deal by So So Def Records.  Soon he began acting which came about 1996-1997 doing gigs; stand up Spoken word, street dramas for the city and different churches across the states etc. His first break was in 2005 in the film LOST SOUL by Franky D Entertainment where he played the devil leading many astray dragging lost and confused souls to hell. His second role landed in 2007 he was in a indie film titled FOREVER INN as a OG running his block calling the shots and plotting robberies and doing behind the screens-cameras. He has played in numerous movies and television miniseries roles and he continues today perusing other acting roles as the opportunities are presented to him.

His Music: He recorded his first project at the age of 14 with his debut album “Mouth like a Bullet” which independently sky rocketed flooded the streets of Fresno California, Amez birthed the idea of mix tapes from old school radios to professional studios and real talk words by Leo Domingo, his art is still a beginning of something new his talent is always on point, Amez is a natural at the art form of music a political mastermind with a meaningful message every time which still today remains effective nationwide. In 1995 he founded his group Triple Seven Klan which consisted of 5 members, they wrote, produced, recorded the DIVIED LP, they performed with well respected names in 1997- till 2000. A lot has changed since then and everyone went their own way but still stay in contact. AMEZ was also a once member of HOG MOB ministry where he grew closer with the brotherhood. AMEZ continues today making music with a new purpose; he has a heart and a passion of a warrior for Christ. While pursuing his acting career, music ministry and being a family man he also is very active in the community and outreaches touching lives everywhere he goes.  In 2010 AMEZ began to rebuild not a group but a movement in hopes for something new and something greater, God then gave him a vision that birthed the EVERYDAY WARRIOR Ministry. AMEZ is truly an Everyday Warrior and his ministry name speaks for itself. Throughout his life’s struggles he was able to embrace his passion for Christ to encourage others through his music and his ministry. Since God had given him the vision of Everyday Warrior it has grown tremendously, it has now grown into a great movement. In 2017 Everyday Warrior has officially became a record label and signing new artists who have officially join the movement, great artists such as Lvtn Proof, Onez and P Mcfly. AMEZ just release his latest music video titled “Be Gone” a mini movie filmed at The Platform Church in Fresno Ca. which is now available on You Tube.

There will be so much more great things to come from Everyday Movement Ministry you will not want to miss. There is definitely an everyday warrior in all of us and through Christ we can accomplish anything.

Join the Movement, The Everyday Warrior Movement!

-Mrs Cindy Schwartz-Jones

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