Miracles – The New Cd from Amy Berna speaks Volumes

Miracles – The New Cd from Amy Berna speaks Volumes

Amy Berna is a Pastor and a National Recording artist based out of Central California, she started singing and playing the piano at age 5 and grew into her passion. She soon quickly went into full time ministry and went on to pursue her music ministry. Amy has traveled the world and appeared on many Christian Music awards shows. Her R&B Soulful sound of worship touches souls everywhere she goes. She has a passion and a heart for worship and a desire to reach out to people in many walks of life. She says ““There’s nothing like surrendering to true worship, it has a way of bringing everything into perspective, He is God and I am not!”

Amy Berna just release a new powerful cd of her testimony of the barrier that she had to overcome to persue her music career, God is a God of healing and her story is truly a Miracle! Per Amy she says “After over 2 1/2 years of praying, writing, recording, and believing for this new project I was told that I had a vocal nodule and some issues in my esophagus that literally left me without a voice. Endless efforts and lots of sweat and tears had been poured into this record and I could finally see the finish line in sight when everything came to a crashing halt as if God was saying – ok Amy, now sit down and be silent before me. There was no manipulating the situation, no way to avoid it or even speed it up, it was out of my hands and all that I could do was TRUST AND BELIEVE. After a little over 4 months of vocal rest, vocal therapy, totally changing my diet and countless hands laid on me by the family of God, I went to the doctor where they did another scope on my vocal cords. In mid procedure, the doctor asked me to look at the monitor and said, “I want you to see this! I’m looking all over for your vocal nodule but IT IS TOTALLY GONE!” I can’t even begin to describe the joy that these words have brought me and I am rejoicing in the fact that God has truly given me a MIRACLE!”

Her new cd is filled with passion, inspired by her testimony and powerful a powerful anointing. This is truly a must have cd! Her hopes and desires for this cd is to bring healing to those in need of a miracle and through Jesus Christ you can receive that healing. As you listen to her music, her angelic voice, her story, you will be touched deeply and inspired and through faith in Christ you can receive your healing.

At this year’s Broken 2 B Healed conference we are truly blessed to have joined us National Rerecording Artist/Pastor Amy Berna! She brings a powerful testimony of How God healed her! God truly does perform Miracles! She is a living testimony! Come join us July 28th at River of Life Church Fresno Ca 3212 E Grant  @ 4 pm and receive your healing, deliverance and a Miracle!

You can purchase her NEW cd “Miracles” right now! https://amyberna.com/

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